I am an aspiring author living in New South Wales, Australia.

I am working towards attaining my dream of becoming an established published author. I am currently publishing pieces on Vocal while working on other fictional works.

You can read more about me in Bio.

Published on Vocal

Featured Pieces

The Catch

A short fiction about a man who unexpectedly comes into a large sum of money after finding a mysterious little black notebook. What's the catch?

This piece was submitted to the Vocal challenge 'Little Black Book' in 2021. It was featured as one of Vocal's 'Top Stories' on February 5th, 2021.

One Girl, Two Lives

A short fiction about a young girl who finds a heart-shaped locket that has the power to transport her into an alternate reality.

This piece was submitted to the Vocal challenge 'Doomsday Diary' in 2021.

What's the Latest?

Novel WIP

I have been working on a Gothic romance-style fantasy narrative featuring a quaint little town, a dark-haired stranger, and a rumour about a vampire.

Stay tuned!